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Accelerate together with excellent partners!

It can make sense to go into more depth on individual topics, for example to advance digitalization, streamline processes, sharpen the focus together with the management team or enable individual qualification. This"Deep Dives"I'll help shape it togetherproven experts of their subject, which I would like to briefly introduce to you here.

I also enjoy establishing contacts with selected software and service companies!



Sharpening focus and positioning is the basis for accelerating as an organization. Here it can be worthwhile to check and further develop the status together in a workshop format. Together with Jens Noll we have developed an exciting format that uses interactive methods (Lego Serious Play) and science (behavioral economics, behavioral design) integrated. 

Only when everyone knows what the priorities are and why can employees act independently and make their contribution.Because in the fog you are more likely to get stuck! 

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Focus workshop
Jens Noll
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Optimize processes.
Digitize correctly.

There are companies that went bankrupt due to failed digitalization.

The right analysis at the start is crucial for overall success! systematically determine the digital maturity level and the process quality to be optimized in advance. This is the basis for efficient digitalization.  Together with Frank Reppel (Reppel Consulting) and Stephan Meyer (Evolution Partner) we offer a check of yours"readiness" at. Also for projects in imbalance, better before the start of the project!

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Readiness check
Evolution Partner /
Stephen Meyer
Frank Reppel
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Implement strategies effectively.

You know the situation. The strategy is in place, but implementation is too slow. How do you manage to gain momentum and winning the minds and hearts of employees?

We have developed a format that is really different. Innovative, participatory, with playful elements and technological support. Focusing, clarifying and energizing! In general, the format can be used for strategy, efficiency, leadership/culture and innovation topics!

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Energyzer format
nextpractice GmbH

Qualify effectively.

Effectiveness is also the credo of Lukas Heinzmann, CEO of gyde. He and his team have developed a very efficient methodology for the qualification of experienced managers and especially for young leaders in their first assignment to lead others..


A hybrid learning format with app and coaching components.This is how managers improve their skills without taking days off from business. 

To the offer from gyde
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Strengthen leaders.

Managers want to be looked after exclusively and individually. That's why we, as a complementary team, launched the AHEAD OF THE WAVE Academy to bring managers "in front of the wave". We share in small groups playful the latest findings from competitive sports, neuroscience and ZEN teaching. This is how professional athletes recharge their mental and physical batteries.


In our new format “High performance under pressure” we simulate a biathlon competition.

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performance under pressure"
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